Transform Your Documents into an AI-Powered Knowledge Bank.


In every business, valuable information is hidden within documents. Despite the existence of competent management systems, leveraging this stored information often needs to be solved. What if you could transform this challenge into an opportunity? 

DataBoostr is designed to take document and information management to the next level.
Built on advanced AI and Language Learning Models (LLMs), it unlocks the power of your business information by transforming your documents and information into a readily accessible knowledge bank. Forget the endless search for information – with DataBoostr, all you need to do is ask.

Our AI ingests your documents, categorizing them into legal, procedures, HR, facts and figures, and more based on your needs. The information is then broken down into ‘chunks’ and stored in a special vector database. This database, equipped with the ability to detect semantic correlations, makes the knowledge within your documents easily accessible.

Once your documents have been transformed into a knowledge bank by DataBoostr, they can be seamlessly integrated with ChatBoostr. This complementary technology utilizes the data from DataBoostr to respond appropriately to user queries, further enhancing your business’s efficiency and accessibility. It’s the perfect synergy for your information management needs.


Import documents and information quickly and easily. Categorize your documents to help assign meaning.


Information is broken down into smaller segments, undergoes semantic transformation, and is then stored in a vector database.


To acquire information, simply inquire about it. And don’t hesitate to share your knowledge both within and outside your organization, without any hassle.


Uncover Hidden Business Insights: DataBoostr empowers your business by unearthing and leveraging the valuable information hidden within your documents. This converts a potential challenge into an unprecedented opportunity, turning dormant data into actionable insights.

Enhanced Document and Information Management: With DataBoostr’s advanced AI and Language Learning Models (LLMs), you can transcend conventional information management systems. This means no more endless searches for information. Your information is readily available, transforming your documents into a comprehensive knowledge bank.

Take the plunge today and unlock tremendous success in your recruitment process!

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