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About ChatBoostr 

ChatBoostr is an innovative Chrome extension that enhances your existing ChatGPT experience by providing users additional support and functionality.

With an easy-to-use interface that includes different categories and services, Chatboostr allows users to formulate better questions and get more accurate answers quickly.

Services include templates, prompts, buttons, and generative services to meet specific needs.

Chatboostr is also connected to a backend server that allows organizations to create tailor-made applications that combine ChatGPT’s capabilities with their internal data and specific tasks. This will enable users to perform complex tasks such as internal query procedures


Productivity Boost

By simplifying and streamlining communication with ChatGPT, ChatBoostr can help users be more productive and complete tasks faster and more efficiently. As a result, organizations can be more effective in achieving their goals.

Enhanced User Experience

ChatBoostr provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies communication with ChatGPT. Users can access a wide range of services and categories tailored to their needs, making getting the information they need quickly and efficiently easier.

Improved Accuracy

With ChatBoostr’s customizable templates, prompts, and generative services, users can improve the accuracy of their queries and get more accurate answers from ChatGPT. This is particularly useful for complex tasks such as summarizing multiple articles or generating specific prompts.

Tailor-made Applications

We design custom applications for particular use cases and integrate them into existing platforms if necessary. From simple questionnaires to complex data analysis tools, our team is ready to develop the perfect application for your needs.

Free to use

ChatBoostr is free and available for download in the Google Chrome store.

So why not take the plunge and try it out for yourself?

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